At this Web site, "Noakoin Dottokomu", given that the use of personal information is expanding, recognizes the important issue of personal information protection, to carry out its proper management we believe that social responsibility.

This established the website "Noakoin Dottokomu" personal information protection policy in the following, handling carefully the personal information of customers, so that the available customers with peace of mind, we will strive to operation and management in the best effort.

Range of personal information

The personal information, those in the web site "Noakoin Dottokomu", you give us "name and e-mail address", etc., means the information can identify a specific individual or customer each individual specific information,.

Acquisition of personal information

At this Web site, "Noakoin Dottokomu", when you ask you to provide personal information to the customer, it had explicitly in advance that purpose. Personal information provided by customers is to use only within a certain range to the purpose of use, it does not have available to any party other than the customer without the consent of purpose.

Use of personal information

This website "Noakoin Dottokomu" is, the personal information you provided by the customer, you have used within the scope of the following purposes.

- Reply to the Contact Us
·mail delivery
- Contact of emergency

Third party provision of personal information

Personal information customers you provide, except in the case corresponding to the following, in any case does not have disclosure to a third party.

• If you plan to some consent of
- To the extent necessary to achieve the customer to express the purpose of use if you want to entrust the handling of personal information
- As statistical data, if you want to provide is processed into a state that can not identify you personally
- On the basis of the laws and regulations, it sought the disclosure from the relevant agencies, if you must respond to the offer
- Received government, the inquiry or request for cooperation from the Bar Association, etc., if it is determined that it is lawful and proper

Safety management of personal information

Regarding management of your personal information, determine the chief administrator of this Web site, "Noakoin Dottokomu" In personal information, make the appropriate management, and strive to prevent leakage of personal information to the outside. Chief administrator in order to prevent the leakage or diversion falsification of personal information by unauthorized access of third parties, and with the thorough security measures ones.

The protection of personal information in the link destination

Please understand that it is not possible to be able to be is responsible for the security of personal information on Web sites that are linked from this Web site, "Noakoin Dottokomu". With regard to the link destination of the personal information protection policy, the privacy policy or the like in the link destination, we had ask that you please confirm on your own.