From morning till evening, the venues many popular singers sang at the stage
2017 Year 8 Monday 12 day Duttel Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving for supporters including OFW who approved the campaign in the presidential election) was held in the city of Davao, where his president Duttel was born.

From Japan, Mr. Izumi Tadashi ran into the stage, and big singers from the Philippine singing world appeared one after the other, and from the Noah social innovation foundation, a support money was given to victims in Malawi.

A supporter party held in the afternoon was held for a long time and Thanksgiving progressed spectacularly under the light of the spotlight in the evening.

Representatives of NOAH FOUNDATION (Noah foundation) were invited to the city hall after the Thanksgiving Day, and respect was expressed from 2 people. Mr. Dellaroso of the present police agency also participated in the event and was invited to the party of the night before and deepened interchange more and more.

Because I could not participate in the event, two of the Noa Foundation representatives who later receive visits at the mayor's office and Mr. Tadashi Izumi
Two of you who are in good spirits (Mr. Saladuterte and Mr. Tadashi Izumi) shake hands and the dialogue of Davao development bounces
Mr. Saladuterte (left), because of failure to participate in the event, Mr. Tadashi Izumi and Mr. Noah foundation representatives who will receive visit later in the mayor's office
Donations were made from the Noah foundation. From the right mark malalay, clerk robertson (Noah foundation representative) and Mr. Izumi Tadashi
The venue was filled with lots of supporters
Dutelte Thanks Giving Day held poster

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