Luxury guests from Japan and abroad participated in the Nikko Economic Cooperation 60 anniversary event organized by Noah project2017 Year 6 Month 10 Day, at the Tokyo Mielparque Hall, the Nikko Economic Cooperation 60 anniversary event organized by NOAH PROJECT was held.

For the event, we agree with the purpose of the Noah project aiming at solving the world's poverty problem using Block Chain and FinTech's technology, and luxurious guests gathered from Japan as well as from the Philippines and even the United States I got it.

Mr. Ruby Moreno, an actress who is a pioneer of a bridge between Japan and the Philippines, luxurious guests from Japan and abroad gathered such as top model Michibata Angelica and singer Tomomi Kahara, and with participants exceeding 1200 name, Japan-China friendship, the will of further economic cooperation was strengthened.

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