Noakoin has been developed as a main purpose is elimination of remittance fee problem of OFW, but we are making steady progress plan in order to obtain cooperation from the beginning and the world in Japan. One of them is the development of a dream of encryption currency City "Noashiti".

Manila right in the middle of, and say in Tokyo, away from the area of ​​Shinjuku and Roppongi 30 minutes by car, there is a vast land of Philippine Airlines, which is one of the support company of the Noah project owned. There, it Noakoin settlement that is possible "Noashiti" in every store is trying to birth.

Starting with the amusement facility construction of 2017 years, starts shopping center in 2019 year, the 2020 year has become possible to construction hotel and casino. Restaurants and hotels, of course, is Noakoin can use City is to the birth in all stores, it alone will be very exciting, the Philippines and think that it's investment-grade countries that have now attracted the attention of the world, Noashiti of appeal will be to those immeasurable.

Also try to take one real estate, you unlikely the capital gain in the tremendous level in the Philippines during the high economic growth midst. For example, I to 4 years ago, after six months the apartment was bought in yen 2500 in the heart of Manila was rise in yen 6000. Now of Manila of status quo is not an exaggeration to say that more than the Tokyo 1960 age was during the high growth midst. Assuming, I think this is not only amusing even if there is a rise in land prices of. People who bought land and condominiums in the middle of the Ginza in 1960 age, no doubt, because it should all become a millionaire.

Well, there is a area called Bonifacio Global City to 100 people I asked to Filipino 100 people say the best place (BGC). Above the apartment that I have mentioned also it is what was purchased in that area. Noashiti is likened to this BGC, it has been even said to be in the BGC of the 2.

Investors who want to invest in apartments and hotels to be built in Noashiti is trying to in a lot all over the world. The property can not be investment in the US dollar in Japanese Yen, what if you can not be investing only in Noakoin. It is as clear as day investors around the world wants to hold Noakoin.

Please recall the "up how the value of the cryptographic currency". The only all cryptographic currency is determined the total amount, the value goes up The more people who want to hold it. Already in the Philippines there is a need for a year 3 trillion yen OFW, it the addition of investors around the world of interest to the Philippines as an investment grade country, the speculative appeal of Noakoin There are immeasurable.

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Tadashi Izumi teacher I was allowed to quote the sentence that was contributed.

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Because it is a new one that encryption currency (virtual currency), also know the feeling to be uneasy. But please with confidence.

"Absolutely fine!"

You can affirm with 100% confidence and.

This is because, because there has been funding of only one of the world's leading encryption currency as at the present time (2017 years 2 month) in Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

The more people that are having because encryption currency, its value will continue to rise.

So the fact that sufficient funds when spread Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) in the world are gathered will be the fact that the value of further Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) by running it going up.

Its either Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) the price of pre-sales happens if the buy cheap time number 1.

Although Bitcoin (Bitcoin) became 120 thousand times, I because 100 million yen is 100 billion even if became 1 doubled.

And only you have. After really you do not need to do anything.

Moreover, this Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) does not mean to buy something. But it simply can I exchange. Because it is only of the story may be returned to the Japanese yen as long as if anxiety.

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