I heard a "transfer fee", I'm more of the intuition of a good reader is already noticed. Is not impossible "encryption currency" more things in order to solve it. So, gathered political and business volunteers in the Philippines, Noah Foundation was established. And government goods the public and private sectors in the Philippines has been developed by unity is Noakoin.

Since the Noah Foundation is of course a non-profit organization, security is at the highest level, the development of encryption currency with compatible with other cryptographic currency and legal tender, advertising promotions, and all funds collected in the infrastructure development has been dropped.

More say, banks since have entered into this project, collected funds increased by operation was, while not loss of principal, increased from that financed the necessary expenses in part, preservation of capital is full form in it has been made.

In addition, Noakoin has become the coin which solves all the shortcomings of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is very useful, but only to the encryption currency was first born, we are some comprehension problems.

Since the core technology of the block chain beginning cipher currency is evolving with each passing day, I that is if possible now to make a coin which solves all the problems of the Bitcoin. In short, government goods the public and private sectors in the Philippines together, in order to solve the serious social problem of "transfer fee", easy to understand considering and are trying to develop and disseminate the coin you have resolved all the problems of the Bitcoin is not it. It is the Noah project.

By the way, 2017 years 1 month market capitalization of the current bit coin is about 1 trillion 5,000 billion yen. As earlier mentioned, remittances are 1 trillion yen per year 3 of OFW. We have a 2 times the demand of Bitcoin alone overseas remittance of that is have OFW.

"Need" is clear, it has appeared in front person to be used, considering that going to spread in government goods the public and private sectors, is also a bit coin that led to have a value of more than 6 thousand times in just 100 year I think there is a speculative appeal of the more not an exaggeration to say that with the potential to more than.

Source: "exactly earn the way of new money for the next generation will teach from" 0 ""
Tadashi Izumi teacher I was allowed to quote the sentence that was contributed.

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Anyone even smile at Noakoin (NOAHCOIN)

From this time is Noakoin sales sites that the number of stars, Thank you very much for seeing this site.

Because it is a new one that encryption currency (virtual currency), also know the feeling to be uneasy. But please with confidence.

"Absolutely fine!"

You can affirm with 100% confidence and.

This is because, because there has been funding of only one of the world's leading encryption currency as at the present time (2017 years 2 month) in Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

The more people that are having because encryption currency, its value will continue to rise.

So the fact that sufficient funds when spread Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) in the world are gathered will be the fact that the value of further Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) by running it going up.

Its either Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) the price of pre-sales happens if the buy cheap time number 1.

Although Bitcoin (Bitcoin) became 120 thousand times, I because 100 million yen is 100 billion even if became 1 doubled.

And only you have. After really you do not need to do anything.

Moreover, this Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) does not mean to buy something. But it simply can I exchange. Because it is only of the story may be returned to the Japanese yen as long as if anxiety.

So please give to introduce also have the means confidence in the important friends and acquaintances.

In addition, it will be encouraging for the future of writing activities, thank you, "I say!" If it is good m (._.) M.

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