This OFW that contribute significantly to the rapid growth of the Philippines, but there is a big social problem that the Philippines faced behind it. It is a problem of the "transfer fee". Remittance charge billion 3 relating to annual remittances 3500 trillion yen from the OFW. In other words, when you send the money earned is Filipino in the home country, about 12% does not reach to the home country, there is a status quo that has fallen on the world as a commission.

For example, when you worked Filipinos in Japan to send money the yen 5 in the home country of the family, the commission is 5000 circle ~ 6000 yen. Given that fees for 1 times of remittance, it is a very large amount of money. Moreover 46000 circle for the Filipinos of the average monthly income 5000 yen, compared with 5000 yen for the Japanese, it has large much value. Also the side that also sent the side to send, but it is want to send a big money suffering from this fee to their home country.

Even if the Philippine government and the country of each company, if it is possible to send a "transfer fee", which has fallen abroad in the Philippines, consumption is further activated, visible to the eye is the domestic economy becomes more and more upward you have.

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