Philippines to one of the main reasons of rapid growth, "the influx of foreign capital," it will be like.
Philippines is the only ASEAN, English is the official language of the country. Moreover, unlike the English with an accent, such as Singapore and India, people will talk about a very beautiful American English.

Although this is the case, therefore, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, is outsourcing from the countries of the English-speaking countries such as Australia, the overwhelming 1 position in Asia. It does not allow any other followers. Its scale barrel and 2016 year accounted for 20% of GDP.

In addition, the Philippines largest export OFW. By the OFW and ljOverseas Filipino Workers, it is a short man of export. As national policy in the Philippines, people are boosted get out to work in foreign countries. Filipinos are out to migrant abroad is have about 1000 million people, 1 people or 1 people to 2 one of the families I have worked always abroad.

People of OFW is I have remitted part of the money obtained by working abroad in the home country of the family, the amount of money barrel and year 3 trillion yen. This is equivalent to about 10% of GDP. Moreover, this is the amount of money and international money transfer from the bank, the amount has been remitted by using a money transfer agency services represented by Western Union, that is to the extent that government can be grasped. For example, cup noodles, such as when you send, such as a packed in cardboard by courier, realities of remittances from and have OFW add the amount of money that can not be grasped, such as the money that has been sent concealed in the cardboard and put in an envelope further trying to become enormous.

Source: "exactly earn the way of new money for the next generation will teach from" 0 ""
Tadashi Izumi teacher I was allowed to quote the sentence that was contributed.

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