When asked the Philippines, "dirty", "dangerous" or trying to not in a lot of people to recall the image of "is delayed." Certainly once, please try to go to the capital city of Manila in the Philippines. That image, because foreigners will know as soon as it is the same as to say the Japanese as the "Samurai", "Harakiri", "ninja".

Philippines as if it were like the Japan of the clock to revert 50 year, is in the high economic growth midst.


In addition, Standard & Poor's to 2014 years 5 month 8 date, also Mudeizu



As we tried to think of here. As do the business and investment, what is decided on whether easy to spear is better to do with either the "depopulation of the region" and "overcrowding of the area?" "Overcrowding of the area" is good is that it can be seen even in elementary school. And it should startle the average age of the Philippines is 23 years old. By the way, the average age of Japan is 44.9 years old. The most population pyramid is beautiful in the world, the country that most population bonus in the world are expected to's the Philippines.


Play for toy manufacturers from Japan to advance to lower the huge amount of capital, was allowed to open a luxury about fighting a IR (Integrated Casino Resort) that OKADA MANILA. The total construction cost is a whopping 4000 billion yen of OKADA MANILA. When the total of Tokyo Disneyland construction cost think that billion 3500, or would not be able to check if the image is how terrific IR are born.

OKADA addition to MANILA, CITY OF DREAMS, SOLAIRE, RESORT WORLD, such as the birth one after another is a huge IR representative of the world, it has already opened. Philippines shopping center is also a well-known, to the top 10 of the World shopping center ranking shopping center of Manila I'm also contains one 3. MALL OF ASIA the visitors about 1 million people of 20 date is said to be Asia's largest with one of them. Because it is 1 Date 7 ten thousand 5 thousand people by adding the Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea both park visitors, the magnitude of the scale is the tremendous thing.


In this way only arranging a little data, I think in the rapidly changing the impression of the Philippines. On the other hand the average monthly income of Filipino workers is still about 46000 circle. Given the momentum of the development of the entire country, even I'm attaches easily imagine there is no reason to follow the situation forever. To GDP has increased more than 6%, there is no reason to not increase the prices and land prices. The average annual income is also trying a come more and more in the future. The same way as Japan was once so.

Source: "exactly earn the way of new money for the next generation will teach from" 0 ""
Tadashi Izumi teacher I was allowed to quote the sentence that was contributed.

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