In this way, the encryption currency is speculative very attractive, it does not get the value for all of the cryptographic currency. And say more, I 95% of cryptographic currency is worth Tsukazu, it is no exaggeration to say that equal to fraud. Not irreversible value, equal to the cryptographic currency feature to fraud will be one next 3.

First, the development of encryption currency the collected funds, up motion, that you do not use in infrastructure development.
Secondly, that the different price at the time and at the end presale starts 2 or more times.
Thirdly, there is no uniqueness of the coin, there is no need to retain the coin.

As we continue to explain in detail. Almost all of the cryptographic currency presale will be made before the deal to the public in the market is started. If not have my left to hold the encryption currency to some extent of the person before the market the public, because it becomes to state that there are no people to trade is also the start of trading in the exchange after it has been open market.

So, presale, sales of before that is market the public will be made. Development and operator of encryption currency I will perform the development, promotion and infrastructure development of encryption currency using the funds collected in the presale, here or not money so much is gather, as well as funds were gathered, operators have used it to fertilize the plain clothes do not have a reason that the encryption currency is widespread.

Using the collected funds, if not have him properly develop the encryption currency with a high versatility safety, I think you troubled as investor. In addition, not only do properly the development of encryption currency, because the people who use it unless the value does not rise more, operators will need to do a neat advertising and promotion.

Furthermore, Uoretto that crypto currency-only, of course, develop a dedicated prepaid card, for example, by installing the ATM, or can exchange the main cryptographic currency, if not to be able to cash in legal tender, the people who use it there can not be spread. Its activities, such as going to increase the store that can be settled in a cipher currency is also required.

Cryptographic currency is not performed properly such a development promotion infrastructure development does not have a reason to get the value. In addition, the price of the presale period, but you decide to free the development and management side, is usually carried out period first 1 from the time of presale start, period first 2, period first 3, sales separated the time as the first 4 period, we will continue to gradually raise the price. At that time, the encryption currency the price difference between the first 1 period and the final period is equal to or more than 2 times there is no doubt to say that fraud.

"I'm 1 coins 10 circle if you buy now, because become 1 doubled after 10 months,'s a loss and do not buy now, has decided to become 1 doubled after 10 months to say more," the sales talk like that How can be made, as we just mentioned, because the price at the time of presale can be set free to the development and management side, to become 10 times does not mean has become 10 double up the value in the market.

Then, for example, those who bought at 1 coin 1 circle in the first 10-life, the first 2 period 100 yen, the first 3 period 1000 yen, and has become 4 yen in the period the first 1. Although those who bought in 10 circle is in the yen 1, if referred to as the "post-market public do not know what to what kind of price movements." Invisible hand of God "only quailty", most of which were purchased in presale all of the people I think you think and want to sell the encryption currency.

No one person you want to buy is even. Then it becomes garbage no better than at the moment to crash. As a result, it is TsuneYo means of scammers is that the end only development and management who collected the money during the presale has gained an enormous profit. Please be careful because the unending such malicious development and operators.

Price difference of presale at the start of the price and the final stage is not first mistake I think fraud no better than if more than 2 times. For example, to eliminate some of the problems of the bit coin, even ethereum ballyhooed in the open market cryptographic currency market capitalization rankings position the first 2, the price difference of the presale at the start and the final period was a 1.7 times.

This means that although the ones I bought at 1 coin 10 circle is is up to the 17 circle, properly if there is a "need", if is seen to rise in value in the market, most of those who purchased in presale is trying not sold. Then, after the market the public, up more and more valuable according to come more and more people to use, Then, we will enter the virtuous cycle that more people are more and more hold the coins. In this way, ethereum is it was established properly.

But it does not raise the price only 17 doubled to market the public from the time of presale start even ethereum Could you exactly because any other cryptographic currency is actually worth the drive up the price in the presale than that. That's why, the price difference of the presale at the start of the price and the final stage is you no doubt thought that fraud no better than if more than 2 times.

In addition, It is also important to consider the viewpoint of "need" to have touched several times from earlier. Reserve currency of encryption currency is a bit coin, this only after a bit coins are popular, considering that still worth has risen, is not it good if you have a bit coin. It burns, genuine encryption currency to be properly rooted in ethereum beginning other cryptographic currency will not exist 5%.

The reason is clear, all the coins value by fixing go up, there is a neat "need" of the coins unique, because it is not possible to Bitcoin can do to the coin, is needed, it is to fix . To put it the other way around, "Bitcoin same Ya no, the coin same Ya Do Without reason," I there is no reason to get value in the absence of a coin.

Source: "exactly earn the way of new money for the next generation will teach from" 0 ""
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