Cryptographic currency is not the only bit coin. 2017 years 1 month now, there is a cipher currency also about 1200 kind. Since the legal currency is said to 170 kind, is the number of types ridiculous. Of course there are also those of the scam, but the encryption currency, such as those in the top of the market capitalization rankings has spread more and more distribution. They are to spread because all there is a "need".

Moreover, the need is becoming not only a "means of remittance." The remittance to the useful is of course the need for plus alpha has become so sought. All cryptographic currency entering the market capitalization rankings top 10 is, we have met the need of the money transfer + a. This plus alpha is different by each currency, but that has entered the era of remittance + a, is said to have become the era of "encryption currency 2.0".

Such among, EU Court of Justice bit coin on the tax law, which corresponds to the Supreme Court of the European Union to 2015 years 10 month 22 Date (EU), the judgment of the goods should be treated as no currency in the (commodity) " It was defeated. Bill to certify a bit coin to money is approved by the Cabinet is to 2016 years 3 month 4 days in Japan, the virtual currency law passed the same year 5 month 25 date. It will be enforced from 2017 years 4 month.
Cryptographic currency is the steadily there while walking on the road to an alternative position of the national currency.

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Tadashi Izumi teacher I was allowed to quote the sentence that was contributed.

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