It takes considerable time and fees in the domestic money transfer in the United States. For example, when you try to transfer to Los Angeles from New York, fees 2000 circle ~ 3000 yen. Moreover, it takes 3 ~ 5 days to put on gold.
In view of this current situation, I'm a naturally think "To 24 time all over the world at any time, at a very cheap fee, it can be safely immediately send money anonymously" bit coin that it is convenient to the American people.

In addition, also for the people of Europe, Asia, and Africa, this convenience is not welcome. Between countries it is not adjacent to each other, the frequency of international remittances Japan because many beyond comparison. For example, if you put the Japanese archipelago in continental Europe, several countries
Also it spans. With that in mind, the Japanese in the sense of like going to Fukuoka from Tokyo, it will move the country in Europe. Of course, it's the frequency of international money transfer will be higher.

It's international remittance, not to mention commission also thousands of yen, will take also of course to the remittance time. Moreover, since the currency is changed if Kaware the country, there is a need to exchange. In Europe, in order to eliminate the inconvenience of per this much is made of the euro common currency. In this way, not only the American people, because there is a clear need also for Europe of the people and the Asian people and African people, Bitcoin
It looks like is going more and more popular.

On the other hand, had I'm not felt the need for bit coin so much in Japan. For example, as transfer money to Osaka from Tokyo, if 15 time before the closing of the bank, after the transfer procedure is complete, then we then put on gold immediately, even if the transfer procedure in the evening, and then put on gold the next morning. Remittance trouble is hundreds yen.

The frequency of international money transfer in comparison with European and Asian countries is also low. When it comes to the first place because there is no need, it does not easily spread.
However, now is the era of globalism. Opportunity to interact with foreign countries in Japan has been steadily increasing. For everyday people need international remittance, it is irresistible convenience of Bitcoin.

For example, now I am using a PC in this moment, and to be a meeting in the Indian programmers and Skype while in Japan. And, the pro-
We had put out an estimate of the work to Lamar.
And usually, the next day the procedure of international money transfer at a bank in, and put on gold in India in about one week later, but not be undertaken from there to the work of the program. If But Bitcoin, and remittance in Bitcoin immediately after I got out of the estimate, because the money received confirmation in immediately the Indian side on the screen over can be taken, it is possible to get immediately embarked on work. In this day and age where speed is required, in the as not as there is a week of losses due to international remittance, not to mention the tremendous difference occurs.

Source: "exactly earn the way of new money for the next generation will teach from" 0 ""
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