The birth of "encryption currency" is the beginning that the person claiming to Satoshi Nakamoto, has published a paper on the Internet in 2008 year. The contents of the paper, rather than a mechanism of the government as far issues currency, by using the mechanism of P2P, and dispersed the issuance and currency trading, combined with encryption techniques, certain issue a currency without resorting to the administrator, it was related to maintenance and technology.

After that, researchers and programmers have been inspired by this paper, we will in addition to improved second only to the improvement in Nakamoto said of the proposed program. Thus was born is a bit coin. If it ends here, bit coin of encryption currency first issue was a mere self-satisfaction of programmers. However, bit coin will begin circulation in the unexpected form.

"To 24 time all over the world at any time, at a very cheap fee, can be safely immediately send money anonymously," but because it is a feature of the maximum bit coin, here with the eyes, were allowed to spread it as "money" organization there was. Darkness of the criminal organization is the "Silk Road".

Come to take on organized crime, when performing such as the trafficking of drugs and weapons, without touching the eyes of the government, because the currency that can be safely immediately remittance anonymously, or you try to not than want desperately . Such as common in one scene of the movie, somewhere to meet in the wharf, container with attache case with something like that because I no longer have to do the pass cash.

When the Silk Road has been caught, the active user there were also thousands 16.
Then, when one reviews the Silk Road has been reported in the United States domestic news, a lot of Americans who knew the existence of Bitcoin thought, "I have a thing useful is!", From there at once general layer It begins to spread

Source: "exactly earn the way of new money for the next generation will teach from" 0 ""
Tadashi Izumi teacher I was allowed to quote the sentence that was contributed.

If I think Noakoin is the "Like!"
Let's press the "Like!"

Anyone even smile at Noakoin (NOAHCOIN)

From this time is Noakoin sales sites that the number of stars, Thank you very much for seeing this site.

Because it is a new one that encryption currency (virtual currency), also know the feeling to be uneasy. But please with confidence.

"Absolutely fine!"

You can affirm with 100% confidence and.

This is because, because there has been funding of only one of the world's leading encryption currency as at the present time (2017 years 2 month) in Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

The more people that are having because encryption currency, its value will continue to rise.

So the fact that sufficient funds when spread Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) in the world are gathered will be the fact that the value of further Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) by running it going up.

Its either Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) the price of pre-sales happens if the buy cheap time number 1.

Although Bitcoin (Bitcoin) became 120 thousand times, I because 100 million yen is 100 billion even if became 1 doubled.

And only you have. After really you do not need to do anything.

Moreover, this Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) does not mean to buy something. But it simply can I exchange. Because it is only of the story may be returned to the Japanese yen as long as if anxiety.

So please give to introduce also have the means confidence in the important friends and acquaintances.

In addition, it will be encouraging for the future of writing activities, thank you, "I say!" If it is good m (._.) M.

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