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Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) latest information & News

  • Noah coin (NOAHCOIN) ICO final sale has been decided!

    Noah coin (NOAHCOIN) final sale will be started from 2 month 13 day.

    2 Japan time on 13 day Morning at 5 When you publish an official HP which can apply Noah Coin (NOAHCOIN) for ICO exchange, you can apply and remit from that point. Until then, the URL of the official HP will also be private.

    ※ NOAH COIN ICO application acceptance has ended.

    Noah coin (NOAHCOIN) Presales Coming soon?

    Please imagine how much wealth is produced when this 7 combination is combined.

    Promotion by Professor Tadashi Izumi, which is said to be "King of Coins" in the world has begun.

    I will tell you the matters that Noah Coin (NOAHCOIN) has finalized,

    Coins have already been completed, and listing has been confirmed at major exchanges.
    (The listing has been decided on five to ten global exchanges at the same time, one of thembitfly isIt seems that it contains. )

    NIPPON PAY CorporationNoah projectHas been completed business alliance.

    There are many others, but Noah Coin (NOAHCOIN)【Virtual currency】×【Finance】×[Urban development]×【Resort development】×【Organic farming】×【FinTech Transaction】×【settlement】This is a combination of 7.

    This 7 one generates 1 and 1 even a huge wealth respectively.
    Noah projectIs a spectacular project to solve the social problems of a certain country, since all seven are multiplications.

    The following is the latest promotion video of Professor Tadashi Izumi.

    ※ The 3rd and 4th movies are a must-see movie for Noah coin owners to deepen their understanding. Also, although it is spoken in the fourth episode of motion, it is said that ICO has decided it in February.

    The last chance that we can hold before listing is close at hand! There is a chance of a thousand once a lifetime in front of you!

    Very happy news on "NOAH PROJECT" arrived on Christmas day on 12 month 25 day.
    The development of Noah coin (NOAHCOIN) was successfully completed, and Noahcoin (NOAHCOIN) was completed.
    In the future, we will start distributing Wallet and Noah Coin (NOAHCOIN) at the latest around 2018 the end of 2 year, at the latest 3 month, after repeated testing of operating environment etc. with dedicated wallet.
    In addition, for the ICO to release the exchange scheduled for 2018 monthly 6 month, we are going to conduct the 3 period presale by reviewing the sales method while also checking the newly introduced laws and regulations in each country.
    Please wait for a while for the official announcement from "NOAH PROJECT".

    Noah coin (NOAHCOIN) article was published in Asia version of the world's leading economic magazine "Forbes" magazine
    "Forbes" (Forbes) magazine
    Following last month's "Economist" magazine, an article of Noah coin (NOAHCOIN) was posted in this month's issue of the Asian version of the world's leading economic magazine "Forbes" (Forbes) magazine (2017 Year 12 Month).
    You can see articles translated into Japanese here.
    As you can see from this article, the crypto currency (virtual currency) is the worldwide current. No one can stop this trend!

    In this way, the NOAH project is proceeding very smoothly. 2018 Year 6 Month 's exchange public release is very exciting.

    【Free】 3 monthly online investment school campaign
    It is a full-fledged investment school that even beginners can master fundamental thinking and knowledge of investment in 3 months in Step by Step.
    Even if you say school, you can learn by videos, e-mails or PDF on the Internet, so you can learn from your home from all over the world, from anywhere in the world at home or in a car during commuting at your own pace.
    Investment related online program in Japan and participation fee of high school cram school seems to be recruited at 30 ten thousand yen ~ XNUM X ten thousand yen, but the online investment school which we guide this time was only totally taken free of charge I will.
    There is nothing like common tendency, "There is no charge from the way", and it is free until the end.

    【Free】 3 monthly online investment school special gift campaign

    From morning till evening, the venues many popular singers sang at the stage

    2017 Year 8 Monday 12 day Duttel Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving for supporters including OFW who approved the campaign in the presidential election) was held in the city of Davao, where his president Duttel was born.

    From Japan, Mr. Izumi Tadashi ran into the stage, and big singers from the Philippine singing world appeared one after the other, and from the Noah social innovation foundation, a support money was given to victims in Malawi.

    A supporter party held in the afternoon was held for a long time and Thanksgiving progressed spectacularly under the light of the spotlight in the evening.

    Representatives of NOAH FOUNDATION (Noah foundation) were invited to the city hall after the Thanksgiving Day, and respect was expressed from 2 people. Mr. Dellaroso of the present police agency also participated in the event and was invited to the party of the night before and deepened interchange more and more.

    Because I could not participate in the event, two of the Noa Foundation representatives who later receive visits at the mayor's office and Mr. Tadashi Izumi
    Two of you who are in good spirits (Mr. Saladuterte and Mr. Tadashi Izumi) shake hands and the dialogue of Davao development bounces
    Mr. Saladuterte (left), because of failure to participate in the event, Mr. Tadashi Izumi and Mr. Noah foundation representatives who will receive visit later in the mayor's office
    Donations were made from the Noah foundation. From the right mark malalay, clerk robertson (Noah foundation representative) and Mr. Izumi Tadashi
    The venue was filled with lots of supporters
    Dutelte Thanks Giving Day held poster

    Luxury guests from Japan and abroad participated in the Nikko Economic Cooperation 60 anniversary event organized by Noah project

    2017 Year 6 Month 10 Day, at the Tokyo Mielparque Hall, the Nikko Economic Cooperation 60 anniversary event organized by NOAH PROJECT was held.

    For the event, we agree with the purpose of the Noah project aiming at solving the world's poverty problem using Block Chain and FinTech's technology, and luxurious guests gathered from Japan as well as from the Philippines and even the United States I got it.

    Mr. Ruby Moreno, an actress who is a pioneer of a bridge between Japan and the Philippines, luxurious guests from Japan and abroad gathered such as top model Michibata Angelica and singer Tomomi Kahara, and with participants exceeding 1200 name, Japan-China friendship, the will of further economic cooperation was strengthened.

    [Philippines] Philippines company CEO to deploy state-of-the-art prefabricated came to Japan | Global News Asia -Global News Asia-[Philippines] Philippines company CEO to deploy state-of-the-art prefabricated came to Japan - GunoshiConcerning Copyrights "Gunosy" economy rankings

    CEO of the company "Revolution Precrafted" under the umbrella of real estate development in the Philippines a major, came to Japan Mr. Jose Roberto "Robbie" Antonio (lobby Antonio) is to 2017 years 4 month 15 date, participation of about 1000 name in the Tokyo metropolitan area of ​​developer seminars I gave a presentation of the company's expansion to 'state-of-the-art prefabricated "before the person.

    Antonio In his presentation, aims to solve the world's disparity problem has been expressed to cooperate with the "NOAH PROJECT".

    The article is introduced even Concerning Copyrights "Gunosy", this time ranked first in the economic ranking of Gunoshi, in the overall ranking and won the fourth place.

    These world-renowned companies one after another Kudasari and to participate in the "Noah Project", we are accelerating to start moving as a global project.

    [Philippines] virtual currency 8 year the first time in significant peso depreciation savior whether made of | Global News Asia -Global News Asia-Concerning Copyrights "Gunosy" overall ranking

    Articles about Noakoin was introduced in the news site called "Global News Asia".

    [Philippines] or a significant peso depreciation of the Messiah for the first time in the virtual currency 8 year

    The article is introduced even Concerning Copyrights "Gunosy", he won the 1 position in the overall ranking of continued Gunoshi in the previous article.

    It is that very nice article about the encryption currency (virtual currency) is get to know everyone in this way throughout Japan.

    The long-awaited a virtual currency in the Philippines overseas migrant sets over remittance fee saving! | Global News Asia -Global News Asia-

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) was introduced in the site called "Global News Asia".

    In addition, introduced the above article on Concerning Copyrights "Gunosy", he won the 1 position in the economic sector.

    Articles of Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is quite as reverberation there.

    Along with this way bit coin (Bitcoin) Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) has also come to be taken up in the media and news.

    I think that's a matter of time spread to the explosive to come up here.

    [Philippines] the original Miss International visited the PCMC (children's medical facilities) - Gunoshi

    Activities to solve the medical problems of the Philippines in Concerning Copyrights "Gunosy" NOAH foundation has done has been published.

    Actually being posted on this news, NOAH foundation in just a part. We perform every day such a contribution to society.

    By changing the lives of Filipinos in the convenient world, is NOAH coin and NOAH project is to further change the world.

    I am very glad the activities thus become the news.

    NOAH project is thus we are now steadily advanced in the world.

    NOAH project has already started moving at a breakneck speed on a global scale.
    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) will be without doubt the best of the lifeboat to protect you and people you of important.

The Noakoin (NOAHCOIN)?

  • The Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is the Philippines's first encryption currency (virtual currency). It is a brand of encryption currency to be used (virtual currency) in a national strategy in the Philippines "NOAH PROJECT".

    Among more than 95% of cryptographic currency (virtual currency) has been said to be a fraud, do you of why the reason for Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) attention has been paid to up to about this in the first 1 period presale?

    It is, Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is because it is the currency that has overcome all the weaknesses of Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

    Cryptographic currency (virtual currency) Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) of it is well understood commentary videos

To Bitcoin (Bitcoin) There are three big weakness

  • Take a weakness about 10 minutes before the 1 settlement completion of Bitcoin (Bitcoin)

    Bitcoin (Bitcoin)

    Bitcoin (Bitcoin) will take time of about 10 minutes on average at the time of the settlement.

    In other words, this is the big problem of Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

    For example, let's say you had carried out transactions of financial.

    Financial transactions you need to do the settlement because you have changed Nde seconds situation momentarily.

    But it must also wait 10 minutes until the end of the one of the trading case of Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

    Simply because have to wait even 10 minutes every time you send money every time be to remit the money, the money every time is usually, some people


    I think that it is also he who feel. Maybe.

    This is to the bit coin (Bitcoin) as I there is a weak point that these settlement time.

    Not exist Bitcoin (Bitcoin) of weakness administration source to perform the maintenance and promotion of the two infrastructure

    To Bitcoin (Bitcoin) but there's no Operated source to carry out the promotion or maintenance of the infrastructure.

    Because encryption currency (virtual currency),Spread as it has its value if Hirogare.

    However, the bit coin (Bitcoin) does not have a governing body for disseminating it.

    So, bit coin (Bitcoin) is trying to spread the Volunteers.

    However, since after all the volunteers, I do not mean you are spreading the bit coin (Bitcoin) in earnest.

    In addition, there is no governing body to be in infrastructure development will be performed it firmly.

    So, is it taking time to prepare the infrastructure, such as a cash office.

    In order to use a lot of power by using the weakness mining method of the 3 Proof of Work of Bitcoin (Bitcoin), there is also a risk of being taken over the currency itself lead to environmental destruction

    Bitcoin loss incident, "Mt. Gox" former CEO Marc Karupuresu

    Bitcoin (Bitcoin) requires a great deal of power to mining the currency.

    this isProof of WorkMining method of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) that it is because you need a lot of power.

    For example, what is in the Chinese mining factoryAbout 10 million yenThings electric bill has occurred.

    In order to mining further bit coin (Bitcoin)Cost of generation per year will be a whopping 100 billion yen position.

    This will take of course also money, but it is the fact that has been much damage the environment.

    That bit coin (Bitcoin) encryption that currency (virtual currency)"Destroy a large environment as you use it."It becomes that.

    In addition, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) isProof of WorkBecause it has adopted a mining method that, bit coin (Bitcoin) has become the structure of the 60% of mining the top four companies, five companies account.

    So, the upper 4 and 5 companies join hands with the unity"Then not approved when mining"Also it would going situation, such as the takeover of.

    このProof of WorkBy adopting the mining method that, what blessed the risk of these environmental destruction and takeover is I bit coin (Bitcoin).

Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) was overcome all the weaknesses of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) currency

  • Now we will explain what has been overcome specifically Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) how the disadvantages of Bitcoin (Bitcoin).

    Advantages of Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) Part 1 settlement can be in a few seconds

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) was overcome all the weaknesses of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) currency

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) can settlement in a few seconds.

    You can perform one payment much smoother than the bit coin takes approximately 10 minutes to a single payment.

    To buy something as well, but it can not be helped and fed up when I took a time of 10 minutes as bit coin every time one of the settlement.

    Noakoin against it (NOAHCOIN) is can be done once the settlement is a few seconds.

    So in such as a company transaction, you can even if you have to the settlement from the next to the next going to the settlement smoothly.

    In this way because the settlement time does not take time and effort will be a very great advantage of Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) on considering the convenience.

    There is an advantage in organizations that the 2 advertising promotion and infrastructure development of Noakoin (NOAHCOIN)

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) has to the party that the advertising promotions and infrastructure that NOAH foundation.

    NOAH foundation participated in charity activities in Manila.

    The NOAH foundation will continue to perform all of the advertising promotion and infrastructure development.

    So're environment firmly to monitor the illegal, people are more at ease you can use this cipher currency (virtual currency) as a more secure cryptographic currency (virtual currency).

    Also, since we also firmly carried out, such as infrastructure development, it becomes possible to make a cash office anywhere in the world.

    And so go made to correspond to Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) also to the ATM around the world, we made every legal currency and Noakoin of the world such as the dollar, yen, peso Euro based on the (NOAHCOIN) to be able to exchange.

    In addition television and newspapers, because we will put the promotion in the media such as the Internet, it more and more can be recognized by the people, and can be spread.

    By the way, NOAH Foundation, such as charitable activities for the children, is a non-profit organization that has been active also focus such as international contributions.

    NOAH foundation including well as such international contributions, we are doing actively the activities to relieve a lot of people in the world like this video.

    By adopting the advantage mining method say that 3 Proof of Stake of Noakoin (NOAHCOIN), there is no risk of being hijacked environmentally friendly

    Noah project

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) has adopted the mining method of Proof of Work rather than Proof of Stake of Bitcoin (Bitcoin), it consumes no power like the bit coin (Bitcoin).

    So it will be very friendly currency to the environment.

    No matter how convenient encryption currency (virtual currency), it will be a very big problem as long as seems to be destroying the environment. Such a thing is I do not occur with Noakoin (NOAHCOIN).

    In addition, Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is like the bit coin (Bitcoin), because it does not become the system, such as company to the mining is occupied by a small number of companies, there is no risk of being hijacked.

    In this way, Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is of Bitcoin (Bitcoin)Cryptographic currency also said perfection that have solved all the weaknesses (virtual currency)Such you.

    Furthermore Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) has three times the market size of the bit coin (Bitcoin) potentially.

    Now the market capitalization of the current bit coin is 1 trillion yen.

    But NOAH coin is of a 3 trillion yen of three times.

    Overseas remittances from workers abroad There are about 3 trillion yen a year.

    So, this is by becoming all to Noakoin (NOAHCOIN), I Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) becomes the world's best encryption currency with three times the market capitalization of the Bitcoin (Bitcoin) (virtual currency).

    That is, Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) isMore than 120 timesWith a value in, bit coin (Bitcoin) moreLikely to have a value even I very high.

Why a Noakoin (NOAHCOIN)?

  • Internet is "foresight" By the time you appeared, people called "IT millionaires" in the people who have acted with the eye was a lot appeared.

    The world-famous "IT millionaire" as is in several hundreds of billion and owns a several trillion of assets as they also appeared.

    And now, the "IT millionaire" or more "Encryption currency millionaireCalled "ridiculous people with assets has been increasing.

    (Part of the Chinese have a 爆買 physician Japan "Encryption currency millionaireIt is said that it is ". )

    Are you actually 1 thousand yen also look at the only bit coin is standing was 4 year became a billion 120.

    This means that if had to buy a bit coin if of 10 $ 1,000 at that time during the first presale period.

    Now, your assets are beyond the billion 1000.

Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) can be cashed in exchanges and ATM of 24 time 365 date around the world

  • Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) can cash in the ATM

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is it is NOAH foundation of being able to cash in on an exchange or ATM of 24 time 365 date around the world will be available at that prepare the future infrastructure development.

    This is Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) isIn response to the ATM around the world, it can be legal currency and cash, such as dollar, yen, euro, peso formerIt will be called.

    Moreover, extra operation does not require any.Cash only holding the smartphone in ATMYou will be able to.

    SoThan immediately in Japan if you as "Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) Do you want to exchange the currency," the original, cashed at any time in the region of the worldYou can be a.

Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is marked with interest over the 20 year in the first year 40% compound interest

  • Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is marked with interest

    Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) isThe first year 20%, and it will continue to increase over the 40 year in compound interest.

    This is now possible to realize in that there are each bank officials in the organization of the NOAH foundation.

    Now, it's in the terrible situation of that bank in the Philippines.

    For example, one year and say how much interest is attached to the regular interest rate the lowest 8.5% of, but with interest of 14% in high places.

    Listening to this is person of Japan"Not a collapsed bank so much with interest?"As you might think, but the interest rates of the time the economy was good only you have forgotten.

    Interest of 1-year regular post office of 1990 of Japan guess because I did more than 8%.

    This means that Japan since the period of high economic growthUntil the bubble will collapse, interest that each financial institution had been put in 8, 9, it was a natural because 10%.

    That and Japan's high economic growth eraNow in the Philippines is the same stateIt is that there is in.

    So, the fact that all suspicious Toka interest is too high, I do not at all.

    Precisely because this way bank officials have me sponsorship, I was realized because year 20% of the interest.

Dream of cryptographic currency City NOAH City

  • NOAH シ te open Requested Procedure predetermined manner

    Away from the center of Manila very good location in the 30 worth about in the car, now we have a vast land that Philippine Airlines is owned, there will create a town of encryption currency dream of NOAH City.

    This locationPhilippine Airlines as well as to build in collaboration with various conglomerates and major companies have been determined.

    "plans"There is no in.

    This is a decision that has already been decided.

    Starting with the construction of the amusement facility in this land,Shopping centers, hotels, more and more go to develop a casino, yet we all facilities Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) can be used that.

    The Philippines there is a city of global city such as Ginza and Aoyama Tokyo Roppongi became together.

    This global City is 100 people all I asked the Filipino people 100

    "This town is best."

    And answers. And, this NOAH City is the city that has been said to be the second global City.

The NOAH City there is a development initiative of the three stages

  • First stage

    Development of amusement facilities (2017 year start)

    Second phase

    The development of the shopping center (2019 year start)

    Third stage

    Development of hotel-casino (2020 year start)

    NOAH City adjacent shopping mall

    NOAH City will be built in this way is divided into three stages.

    Land this NOAH City will be built is the land that is owned by Philippine Airlines.

    And Forbes magazine 2013 yearWith a 7.5 billion in assetsTo have been introduced, but the projects that person is the second richest man in the Philippines is going to develop been asked.

    As located in the above-mentioned, first and then build the amusement facility.

    Then there will come together nature and people. I think you and the people eating and shopping there Kitara gathered.

    So we then are going to build a shopping center pin.

    Then I think you come out people who want to stay in there.

    So then to build a hotel.

    And that Noakoin (NOAHCOIN) is at all locations will be able to use.

    Is lined with a global city where there is the most popular in the Philippines because this NOAH City

    "The second Global City"I become.

    This is the identity of the urban development.

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